Project Duration 36 Month

The Long-term cold stores for fruit (particularly apples and pears) are operated for most of the operating hours only in the partial load range. The design of such refrigeration systems is based on linear calculations of the high heat load in the short cooling phase. In the project, a calculation adapted to the cooling application and verification of the transient heat loads and the derivation of a dynamic cooling curve are carried out. In addition, the influence of the cooling phase on the energy efficiency and quality retention of the stored products is scientifically examined. These investigations on product physiology are the basis for a subsequent fundamental refrigeration system comparison with reduced refrigeration capacity and simultaneous monitoring of the energy consumption of the refrigeration system. The requirements of the F-Gas Regulation have a major impact on current and future refrigerant and system choices. The alternative refrigerants CO2 (R744) with direct cooling and propane (R290) with indirect cooling are refrigerants of the future for fruit and vegetable cold stores. These technologies need to be compared scientifically and the optimum refrigeration system (energy requirement and quality retention) defined. The overall goal implementation takes place in the implementation/measurement of two demonstration systems with reduced cooling capacity and the development of a demonstration-comparison-apple-tool between CO2 and propane system.

COOLPLAN takes the Project Lead.
Project Duration June 2022 – May 2025.

The project is funded within the funding program “Research for innovations in agriculture”, with funds from the Landwirtschaftliche Rentenbank. The Project Partners are listed below.

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